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Books and teaching material publishing

Conveying the management philosophy and know-how of Kyocera Amoeba Management to corporate managers working to overcome an age of uncertainty.

The story of the growth of Kyocera, a company that has always strived after new achievements since its founding, cannot be told without covering the management philosophy of company founder Kazuo Inamori and Amoeba Management, the management approach for realizing that philosophy.
KYOCERA Communication Systems (KCCS) provides publishing materials to many corporate managers, such as books and teaching materials in CD, and DVD form. Through those, we hope to encourage study of the management philosophy and Amoeba Management pursued and practiced by Kazuo Inamori, leading to the growth of the Kyocera Group.

Book: Amoeba Management ―Theory and Verification―

Amoeba Management, the management approach put together by Kazuo Inamori, has been introduced by many companies in Japan and abroad and is also studied from an academic perspective. This is the first academic book on Amoeba Management from the Amoeba Management Academic Community, which made up of researchers.

Kazuo Inamori Management Lecture CDs/DVDs

Kazuo Inamori speaks on the ideal stance of corporate managers and his management philosophy based on his own experiences. CD and DVD sets are available by individual theme.

Kazuo Inamori Practical Management Course CD-ROM

CD-ROM teaching materials allow the user to practically and systematically learn the essence of Kazuo Inamori’s management philosophy. They include topics such as “education of executives” to learn the basics of management, “Kyocera accounting” for those in charge of finances, and “Amoeba Management” to explain the connection between Amoeba Management and its philosophy.

“Amoeba Management Diary” business datebook

Datebooks starting with January are provided every year and include elements of Amoeba Management such as a master plan (annual plan), schedule, performance table, and management philosophy sayings of Kyocera founder Kazuo Inamori. Two types are available: pocket type and refillable type.

“Amoeba Management Report” Journal of the Amoeba Management Club

Reports on companies practicing Amoeba Management, case studies of companies introducing the method, and more are introduced in this information magazine issued four times a year. It is a must-read for managers practicing Amoeba Management.