Management Consulting
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Management Consulting

Amoeba Management—a Management Approach based on the Hearts and Minds of People, Drawing out the Knowledge of Those on Site, and Motivating Employees

A two-step consulting curriculum?Introduction, and Operational Guidance?has been prepared to enable clients to operate Amoeba Management and work towards the further enhancement of managerial strengths. Hands-on consulting is carried out with objectives such as the establishment of a business management framework, human resources education, and raising the awareness of employees to achieve management by all.

Amoeba Management Consulting

Amoeba Management is an original management approach that is backed by Kyocera’s experience and track record. Only KCCS offers consultation on Amoeba Management within the Kyocera Group. By providing hands-on guidance on adoption and operational guidance, KCCS assists the adoption, establishment, maintenance, and development of Amoeba Management suits your company.

Venture Support Consulting (VSC Course)

This is a service for Seiwa Jyuku member companies and companies participating in Amoeba Management seminars. Based on Amoeba Management Consulting, it is a special program tailored for small businesses with less than 50 employees.

Medical/Health Care Management Consulting

This service supports the sound management, which is essential for continual provision of high quality, enriched medical and nursing care services to communities. For hospitals and other medical care sites, KCCS offers Medical Management Consulting, which utilizes the Hospital Cost Management Method that was developed on the basis of Amoeba Management. Meanwhile, Health Care Management Consulting is provided for care welfare sites.

Amoeba Management Penetration and Reinforcement Programs

These are programs to enable further smooth operation and entrenchment of Amoeba Management after the basic Amoeba Management Consulting curriculum. In addition to a basic program for the penetration and reinforcement of Amoeba Management, there is a wealth of programs with the theme of making managerial strengths even stronger.